Jury Impressions is a trial consulting company designed to provide busy trial lawyers with affordable focus groups, mock trials, and consulting services by a veteran team. The company was founded in 2005 by Irvin V. Cantor, an active trial lawyer with over 40 years of experience in the courtroom who has conducted over 450 focus groups in his career.

Since all of the focus groups, mock trials, shadow juries, and other services offered by Jury Impressions are designed by experienced trial lawyers, Jury Impressions’ clients benefit from the insight and strategy such experience brings. Jury Impressions has an impressive record of satisfied trial lawyers who have utilized the services of Jury Impressions to conduct focus groups and mock trials in cases resulting in numerous multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements.

Jury Impressions is affiliated with Trial Impressions, a trial consulting company.


  • What do jurors think about my case?
  • What will resonate with the jury?
  • What will turn off the jury?
  • What themes should I emphasize in my case?
  • Which jurors do I want for my case?
  • What is my case worth?
  • Where should I file my case?
  • Which witnesses will the jury believe?

These are just a few questions that trial lawyers have in every case. While experience, instinct, and common sense are typically used to answer these important questions, objective research obtained from jury simulation and group dynamics provides information that best positions you to make the critical decisions in your case.


Can you afford not to obtain objective research derived from the perspective of the jury before you settle your case or go to trial?

Jury Impressions can help you take some of the guesswork out of litigation. Please contact us to discuss how we may be of assistance to you.


Jury Impressions offers a full menu of services, designed to assist the busy trial lawyer to maximize his or her success at trial or settlement. We tailor our services to match the specific needs of the trial lawyers we serve. We are glad to provide our prospective clients with a proposal and pricing to meet their case requirements. Among our services include:

  • Remote Focus Groups
  • Remote Jury Case Resolution
  • Remote Issue Testing
  • Mock Trials
  • Jury Focus Groups
  • Jury Panel Research
  • Shadow Juries
  • Post-Trial Jury Interviews
  • Consulting Services
Jury Impressions Focus Group


Jury Impressions is now conducting remote focus groups that provide the same feedback and information that come from in-person focus groups.

After months of development, we are very pleased with the technology and procedures we have put in place. The remote focus groups work well, are cost-effective, and include the group dynamics and juror interaction that are unique to jury trials. We also can arrange for remote issue testing with a large number of respondents when requested. We tailor our services to match what it is you need to test about your case. Please give us a call to see if we can help you.

Remote Jury Case Resolution:
The Future is HERE!​

Are you looking for…

  • an alternative to waiting for a court to schedule your jury trial?
  • a way to have a jury decide your case without all of the hassles?
  • a way to have your case streamlined, with huge cost-saving?
  • a way to have total control over resolution of your case?
  • a way to resolve your case remotely?
  • someone to handle all of the remote technology requirements?

Look no further.
Jury Impressions is pleased to offer you:
remote jury case resolution!

Relying on over 40 years’ experience of putting on focus groups with jury simulation, Jury Impressions has developed Remote Jury Case Resolution, with the following basic elements:

  1. Parties enter an agreement for a private remote jury case resolution. Such an agreement may be with or without a high-low in place. Jury Impressions will provide the parties with a standard agreement with multiple options to choose from regarding each aspect of the resolution process.
  2. Parties pick a retired judge or other neutral to handle and oversee the case resolution.
  3. Parties decide upon the format of the private remote jury case resolution. For example, the parties may decide to have 4 juries deliberate on the case, with the high and low verdicts discarded and the average of the remaining two verdicts used as the binding result, or the parties may decide to have 2 juries deliberate on the case, with the average of the 2 verdicts used as the binding result, or the parties may decide to have 1 jury deliberate on the case.
  4. Jury Impressions will obtain a sufficient number of jurors from the forum jurisdiction to constitute a panel that is large enough to meet the parties’ requirements.
  5. The parties decide upon the scope of what evidence and argument can be given to the jurors, with the judge/neutral to make decisions on all matters not agreed upon by the parties.
  6. The parties videotape their presentation of evidence and arguments prior to day(s) of the remote jury trial.
  7. The parties decide upon the format for picking the jurors for each panel. For example, the parties may decide to conduct voir dire remotely prior to the day(s) of the remote jury trial with the judge/neutral presiding over the voir dire, or the parties may decide to utilize only juror questionnaires prior to the day(s) of the remote jury trial to pick the jurors, or the parties may decide to use both juror questionnaires and voir dire questioning to pick the jurors. The parties decide upon the number of strikes afforded to each party.
  8. On the day(s) of trial, Jury Impressions will handle the logistics of the remote jury trials, with the judge/neutral presiding over each jury.
  9. The judge/neutral will present a report to the parties with the verdicts from all of the juries who deliberated on the case.
  10. Jury Impressions will handle all logistics and technical support for counsel for the parties, the jurors, and the judge/neutral in conducting all aspects of the private jury case resolution.


We believe the best way to meaningfully test issues in a case to be decided by a jury is to simulate the group dynamics of actual jurors demographically matched to the forum jurisdiction where the case is pending or will be filed. Our typical format for conducting mock trials and focus groups include the following:

  • Jurors selected from the forum jurisdiction where the case is pending or will be filed, demographically matched to the forum jurisdiction.
  • 2 – 3 panels of jurors.
  • Neutral presentation of case with selected videos, photographs, demonstratives and other evidence.
  • Individual juror reaction questionnaires.
  • Deliberation as jury with real group dynamics.
  • Real time video monitoring of jury deliberations, with recording of the deliberations.
  • Post deliberation debriefing and issue discussion.
  • Notebook of all mock trial/focus group results, including all demographics sheets, videos, verdict forms, etc.


We provide a quote for services prior to working on all projects.
Please call us for a free quote.


We will work on a contingency fee in many instances.
Please call us to inquire if a contingency fee would be appropriate for you.



"I wholeheartedly recommend the services of Jury Impressions. I used Mr. Cantor and his Company for the purposes of conducting a Focus Group for a complicated medical malpractice case pending in the Circuit Court for the City of Richmond. For our Focus Group, Irv and his team recruited an excellent and representative panel of individuals that resembled what you typically find in a Richmond jury. The process that he uses allowed us to investigate and test the theories in our case. Since the case involved four (4) different defendant healthcare providers, in different subspecialties, the videotaped Focus Group discussions were invaluable in not only pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of our case, but also provided helpful information that we used in successfully mediating a substantial settlement for our client. Mr. Cantor’s services definitely added value to our case. I highly recommend Mr. Cantor and Jury Impressions to you for Focus Group Services."
Leonard C. Heath Jr.
Heath, Overbey, Verser & Old

"Jury Impressions has been invaluable to the success of my cases, and is often the most important "discovery" you will do. On many occasions, we have learned specific weaknesses in our cases that we could address early on by meeting with our witnesses, or with experts, and turning these weaknesses into strengths that were ultimately critical to resolving our cases successfully. Irv Cantor and his staff do a fantastic job, and I would strongly recommend that you use them whenever possible in your cases."
Charles F. Purcell
Purcell & Purcell

"Jury Impressions is an affordable, extremely professional jury consulting company that is indispensable to testing damages, lay and expert witnesses, venue, and audio–visuals, among innumerable other trial variables. Moreover, the experience, insight and guidance of Irv Cantor is invaluable. Our law firm's Catastrophic Injury Group will never submit a significant case to trial without first employing Jury Impressions to conduct multiple jury focus group panels."
Mahlon "Bud" Funk, Jr.
“I was very pleased with Jury Impressions’ facility in conducting a virtual focus group. My firm will likely return to Jury Impressions for virtual focus groups because I foresee ‘social distancing’ likely a part of our lives for the foreseeable future.”
Fred Smith
Fred Smith, PC

"As a trial lawyer, I enjoy working with Irv Cantor and Greg Boyajian when I need to pull together a focus group for a significant personal injury case. Jury Impressions will do all the work–and the result is an unbiased view of my case, together with information that I would not be able to obtain on my own. Putting on a focus group tells you how lay people see your case. In one of my cases, the focus jurors did not have a problem with the amount I sued for, making it easier for me to ask a jury for that same amount. And guess what? The jury returned a verdict for the same amount. I was pleased, as it was the highest verdict of my career!! Thanks to Irv and Greg. I appreciate all that you do for us as trial lawyers!"
Barbara S. Williams
Barbara S. Williams, P.C.

"Well worth the investment. Jury Impressions helped us focus in on the most important themes and facts that were crucial to our trial presentation. Watching jurors react to and discuss the case allowed us to emphasize important aspects of our case and also anticipate defense arguments that resonated with the jury. Additionally, we were able to directly communicate with the jurors after their decision and ask specific questions about our case and their verdict. The information that we learned from the focus group was woven into voire dire, opening statement and our examination of witnesses."
Kevin D. Sharp
Bennett and Zydron

"I have used Jury Impressions on several occasions to test themes and value for my cases. They do fabulous work in arranging a representative pool of mock jurors from the venue and put on a presentation well worth the investment. The videos from the deliberations provide excellent ammunition for convincing adjusters of the verdict value of your case. Irv Cantor's vast experience as a trial lawyer is a value multiplier. I wouldn't use anyone else."
Jonathan E. Halperin
The Halperin Law Center

"Jury Impressions is a tremendous litigation analytic. Their unique approach to the presentation of the case through a neutral case evaluation forces you to learn every detail of your case and, more importantly, your opponent's case. You are literally ready to go to trial after investing in this comprehensive case and issue analysis. The panelists are highly representative of your jurisdictions jury pool. Observing the deliberation process in real time, then later analyzing it through viewing of videotapes, allows you to test theories, defenses, and case value. Additionally, it allows you an advantage in profiling potential jurors that are both pro and con to your case, or specific key issues within your case. And, as has been my experience, the panelists will focus on an issue that you never would have thought to be a pivotal point or " magic bullet", which makes the entire process exponentially more valuable. I have used the deliberation videotapes in a montage format as leverage in mediation and settlement. It is time and money well spent. You leave with a strong sense of confidence and direction for your case."
G.A. "Chip" Kalbaugh, Jr.
Kalbaugh Pfund & Messersmith

"Jury Impressions, Irv Cantor and his staff are great. I needed help to focus on a very complicated medical malpractice case and they gave me exactly what I needed. Rather than a pat on the back for how well I had lined up my case, I got the constructive criticism I needed to re-tool my evidence and experts. Irv and his staff made this a very easy process and were sensitive to costs during the entire process. The presentations and deliberations were videotaped for us to dissect later at our leisure. And, although they worked with us on a very liberal time-line in terms of the trial date (because of a continuance), they were also willing to do back flips on short notice before the continuance. I would not hesitate to use and/or recommend Jury Impressions in the future. The bottom line is that this worked out tremendously well for my client, for which I give a large measure of credit to the focus group conducted by Irv and Jury Impressions."
Frank Hilton
Wharton Aldhizer & Weaver

"The insight into my cases gained from working with Jury Impressions allowed me to craft much better trial presentations and sharpen the focus on the strongest evidence in my cases so that I could deliver the best result possible for my clients at trial."
Fletcher W. Harkrader, III
Marks & Harrison


Irvin V. Cantor Inducted into the Virginia Lawyers Hall of Fame

On June 12, 2018, Jury Impressions Legal Consultant Irvin V. Cantor was inducted into the Virginia Lawyers Hall of Fame. Virginia Lawyers Weekly established the Hall of Fame in 2018 to recognize Virginia’s most significant senior lawyers. Membership in the Hall of Fame is reserved for Virginia lawyers age 60 and over. Criteria for inclusion in the hall include: career accomplishments, contributions to the development of law in Virginia, contributions to the bar, contributions to the Commonwealth of Virginia, and efforts to improve the quality of justice in Virginia.

Irv was one of only 33 total members of the Hall of Fame’s inaugural class. The induction ceremony took place at the John Marshall Hotel in Richmond, Virginia.

Read about it here

2018 Virginia lawyers hall of fame
Trial Verdict

Arlington Law Firm Obtains $2 Million Verdict in Medical Malpractice Case

Congratulations to Scott Perry and Mikhael Charnoff for obtaining a verdict of $2,000,000 in a medical malpractice case in Fredericksburg, Virginia. The case involved a podiatrist’s failure to recognize a blood clot before a routine surgery, which led to an above-the-knee amputation. Scott and Mikhael asked Jury Impressions to conduct a focus group in the case a few weeks prior to trial.

Scott and Mikhael stated: “We completely changed the presentation of the case based upon the feedback we learned from the focus group jurors, specifically focusing on the metadata which uncovered a late entry in the medical records. This was a no offer case, and we obtained a $2,000,000 verdict from the jury, who deliberated for only 45 minutes.”

Atlanta Law Firm Obtains $11 Million Verdict In Mild Brain Injury Case — Jury Impressions Conducted Focus Group Prior To Trial Also Resulting In $11 Million Verdict

Congratulations to Keenan Nix and Chris Graddock of the law firm of Morgan and Morgan for obtaining an $11 million verdict in a mild traumatic brain injury case in DeKalb County, Georgia. Keenan and Chris asked Jury Impressions to conduct a focus group in the case a few weeks prior to trial. The focus group also returned a verdict for $11 million.

Jury Impressions Verdict Recommendation vs Verdict
Super Lawyers Irv Cantor

The Brain Behind Brain Injuries: 2015 Super Lawyers Virginia and West Virginia Magazine.

Irv Cantor discusses his experience and expertise in the field of brain injury litigation. 

Recognized as an expert in the field, Cantor’s cases include more than 400 traumatic brain injuries suffered by clients ranging from attorneys to physicians to claims adjusters – brain injury does not discriminate. And Cantor, say his peers, has a palpable empathy for those whose identities are often distorted by their injuries.

Read the full article here

The Art and Science of Mastering the Jury Trial

CSFGB President and trial attorney Irv Cantor and Judge Samuel Johnston have written The Art and Science of Mastering the Jury Trial. The book is published by Virginia Trial Lawyers Foundation and should assist the user in preparing for a jury trial, trying a case before a jury, and the actions that need to be taken post-trial.

These two authors offer a combination of more than 60 years of participating in or presiding over jury trials of practically every ilk known at law. Between them they have interviewed some four thousand actual and virtual or focus jurors concerning every facet of jury trials, from voir dire to verdict. They have shared these experiences with dozens of bar groups and organizations across the country and now have penned this tome which they believe will serve as an indispensable guide and resource for those who find themselves facing the great unknown—“a jury.”

You can purchase a copy of the book on the VTLA website.




Jury impressions was selected by the readers of Virginia Lawyers Weekly as one of the Best Jury/Trial Consulting Services in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021. Thank you to the many terrific trial lawyers and clients for the vote of appreciation and confidence in us!

Irvin Cantor was voted as one of the Top 10 Virginia Super Lawyers for every year from 2012-2018. Read more here.

On Friday, November 10, 2017, Irv Cantor spoke to The Etheridge Society in Charlottesville, VA, regarding the use of focus groups in medical malpractice cases. His talk is entitled “What We Have Learned From Focus Groups and How to Use Focus Groups to Win Your Case.”

On March 27th, 2020, Elliott Buckner was inducted as the President of the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association for the 2020-2021 VTLA calendar years.

The attorneys associated with Jury Impressions are accomplished trial lawyers at The Virginia Trial Firm, well known throughout Virginia and the U.S. The law firm handles significant plaintiff personal injury cases, with the vast majority of its cases being referrals from other trial lawyers.


Individuals interested in participating in our focus groups, mock trials, and other studies, which we will pay you for your service, please register at the link below, and we will contact you. 


For lawyers interested in services, please contact Irv Cantor:

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